Catherine Milford


MSc(OT), PGDip (Psych), BSc(OT), BA, SIPT, IMC



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Catherine is our therapy manager and the heart of A.T.A.S. Training . She is the inspiration and the life of our practice. Her love, dedication and enthusiasm continuously keep us striving to achieve the very best for the children we love and care for.

With a BSc in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she went on to completed her Master of Science degree in Occupation Therapy at Trinity college, Dublin and a post-graduate diploma in psychology from the Open university, UK. She also has post graduate training in Sensory Integration, Therapeutic Listening®, Visual-Vestibular Integration, SI and Beyond and the Interactive Metronome™. In addition she has taken courses in sign language, PECS™ and Theraplay®. She has also had the unique opportunity to do an advanced mentorship course with Dr Lucy Jane Miller, a leader in the field of Sensory Processing Disorders. We can only guess at what she will aim at next!

She has extensive experience in pediatrics in a variety of conditions, including Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Head Injury and birth trauma. Her particular area of interest is older children, especially teenagers with dyspraxia.

She is passionate about increasing awareness and understanding about childhood development, in order to allow children to access the support services that will make such a difference in their lives. She is actively addressing this through her work in schools, teacher training and presentations.