Teacher Workshops

Our comprehensive workshops are interactive, practical courses designed by a multi-disciplinary team to help teacher’s identify, explore and resolve behavioural and skills-based difficulties in the classroom to promote learning!

Designed by a team of professionals, including an occupational therapists, psychologists, speech and language therapists and play therapists  these courses will give teachers the opportunity to discuss specific challenges and to try strategies for feedback.

Advantages of our courses:

Interactive: Participants are given a chance to discuss real cases and these cases are used as the basis of our courses. This allows participants to take away new knowledge that is applicable to them and that will benefit the children they work with.

Comprehensive: Our participants are offered the advice of a team of professionals giving a rounded approach to education and school participation.

Flexible: As an independent organisation, we can be flexible about time and location to ensure that the maximum number of people can attend our courses.

Value-For-Money: We know training is expensive, so we try to keep our costs down without compromising the value of the course. Participants from our courses will receive hand-outs, but we avoid “Fluff” that just adds costs.