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ATLAS Training wants to ensure that each session is tailored to each child's specific needs. Each session is planned in advance for each individual child using family-directed goals as the guidelines for treatment. This is a great benefit to the children (and their families), but can sometimes be confusing for parents to determine what service will best meet their child’s needs. Our experienced staff will help you with the process, and we encourage our children's parents to ask questions to ensure that they can be active agents in the process. To give you an idea we have designed this handy page to show you how we provide solutions to common problems.

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Are you looking for a service that supports the whole child and his family? and that combines the latest knowledge and technology to effectively help children reach their unique potentials?
Do you already have an occupational therapy/speech and language therapy or psychology report?
Does your child’s school/teacher need to understand your child better?
Do you need a report in order to access resources at school, such as resource teaching, special needs assistant or the use of a computer?
Do you need to make the most of limited resources?
Does your child respond differently to sensory information, such as disliking loud noises or textures, being a fussy eater, easily distracted or anxious in new or unfamiliar environments?
Does your child have difficulty coping with his emotions, experience high levels of frustration, or seem to have low self-esteem?
Does your child have difficulty concentrating on his work? Is he easily distracted? Does he have difficulty keeping his work, pencils, papers or even his bedroom organised and tidy?
Does your child have difficulties at school with academic work (such as reading, spelling, maths or handwriting)?
Does your child have difficulty doing motor-based tasks, such as sports, dressing, handwriting, etc?

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