Our Heroes

We, at ATLAS Training are priviledged to work with heroes every day. In the eyes of each of our children, we see challenges and trials, but also see determination and hope. Their personalities and will to succeed touches us often, and we want to share some of these wonderful children with you.

Ronat, 17

Ronat is a determined, motivated young lady who has shown us how much you can do, if you put your mind to it.

Ronat hardly ever falls now, can endure her schoolwork for longer without getting tired and even reports her handwriting is much better. She did very well in her Junior Cert exams and has already set her sights on her life goal: working with hearing impaired children.

We are honoured to have played a small part in Ronat's growth and are eagerly looking forward to watching the adult emerge...

Seadna, 6

Seadna is an active, friendly boy who shows so much potential.

Seadna faces so many challenges each day, but still keep his determination to succeed. Where he previously needed to express his grustrations with tantrums, he now can approach them with more tolerance and express himself more clearly.

Seadna now attends mainstream school, can sit at a desk to work and understands verbal directions. He has a quick mind and is developing his motor skills well.

Enya, 10

Enya, was born deaf and has significant Dys- praxia.

At the age of 6, she couldn’t talk at all and had very limited use of sign language. Her attention span was only a few minutes long.

4 years later, after much hard work, the unstinting support of her parents and a Cochlear Implant she has good understanding of spoken language and is beginning to use her voice successfully. She shows drastic attention and motor skill improvement and very good use of sign language.

Her loving nature and determination makes her a joy to work with.and we look forward to watching her grow and grow…

Fionn 19

Fionn came to us as a teenager facing many challenges.

Having a chaotic home environment, and several different diagnosis (ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia), Fionn tried to run away several times and had difficulty coping with day-to-day activities.

Fionn is now studying in college and is a responsible, mature young man who still approaches life with enthusiasm. He shows so much promise for the future and we are honoured to have shared a small portion of his life!

What our parents say

Here’s what some of our clients or other professionals have to say about the services we offer:

“Your reports are very well put togetherl”

Dr Patricia Jansen, Neuro-psychologist

“It’s great to see him have more courage to explore now.”
Mother of Dominic, age 3  
“Your report is very clear and gives a clear picture of the child as we know her but helps us to understand her. We’ve tried to get answers for many years, but no-one has been able to answer our questions like your report does..”
Mother of Julie, age 9  
"The holiday programme for my son has simply been one of the best weeks of the summer. He thoroughly enjoyed the activities of each day.  It has not only benefited him but also his family.  His confidence has been boosted and is definitely more sociable. We find him more willing to try new things. Overall a very positive experience and a big thumbs up from us.”
Mother of Daragh, age 6  
"I had a great time. It was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in a while in terms of the activities! It was great to see how using Therapy can help. ...Everyday actions like brushing and compressions were explained to me clearly...    Overall, I’m glad I got to see some of the things Liam enjoys ... It gave me a better understanding of the types of activities he might have explained in the past when I’ve asked about it."
Brother of Liam, age 10 
"I did really badly in my junior cert and no-one thought I’d finish leaving cert, but thanks to the support I got...I’m now in College and I can do anything I want to do"
Derrick, age 18 
"I see her do things now that other children can do, like running along the curb"
Mother of Enya, age 7 
"His teacher says he is putting his hand up in class now and answering questions."
Father of Luke, age 11

"He can copy his work off the board by himself now."
Mother of Liam, age 9  
"I can’t believe the change in him since (he started). He is more accepting of change and doesn’t get bothered when things don’t go as he expects. He is starting to do so much more for himself."
Mother of Eoghan, age 10  
"He sits in class now and the teacher says his attention is so much better."
Mother of Greg, age 7  
"He is more settled within himself, more organised and content."
Mother of Patrick, age 16  
“I really wasn’t sure I believed in all this stuff after I read your report, but now that I see the change in him, I’m amazed at the difference”
Grandfather of Daragh, age 3  
"I can run in the corridor now and I don’t worry about some-one knocking me over...reading is getting much quicker and my writing is easier."
Ronat, age 17